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 WinHex v17.0
Spanish Incl. | Medicina Incl. | 3.44 MB | Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7, 32 Bit/64 Bit | NFO
Initial screens Create stunning CD and DVD easily
Visual development tool to create CD and DVD applications with autoplay (autorun) from Windows. It is the easiest and fastest way to create autoplay menus for any CD or DVD you have.
Used by such prestigious companies as 3Com, Intel, Lucent and Motorola, is a much better way to create spectacular display screens and effective than other media development tools as Director.
For creations can use almost any medium, from Flash to MPEG files, including fields, boxes, objects WMP and IE. Supports "undo" unlimited, lashing the toolbox and predefined styles and projects, anti-aliasing, transparent windows and many other options, sufficient grounds to turn Autoplay Menu Studio in much more than just a program.
Recent Changes

NEW! Faster & More Powerful Lua 5.1 Scripting Engine
AutoPlay Media Studio 8's scripting engine is now faster, more powerful and much more extensible. The Lua 5.1 system features a new module system, incremental garbage collection, new mechanism for varargs, new syntax for long strings and comments, mod and length operators, metatables for all types and a fully reentrant parser. Support for Lua 5.1 Code Modules
With the new scripting engine upgrade comes modules Compatibility with Lua 5.1. You now have access to a wealth of free Lua code you can download and use in your AutoPlay Media Studio 8 projects. In most cases you simply copy the module files into your project and "require" them in your script. Just some of the useful modules out there include Bit Operation, Date, Canvas Draw, Imaging Tool, GD, Crypto, Colors, Speech, Alien, Social (Twitter), CURL, Regular Expression Parsing and so much more. It's a whole treasure chest of addons and tools just waiting for you!
Blu-ray Disc Support
Do your projects Contain huge database and video files? AutoPlay Media Studio 8 now includes full support for burning Directly to Blu-Ray media (BD-R, BD-RE). The integrated Bluray disc burning Allows you to publish your project Directly to single layer and dual-layer BD-R and BD-RE media, supporting 25 GB, 50 GB and even 100 GB formats.
Application Styles / Skinning
AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Gives you the freedom to create applications that look exactly the way you want. Perhaps you prefer to take That your programs on the same appearance as the operating system (eg Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Aero)? Or do you want them to be customized with completely custom Entirely drawn background images, buttons and window shapes? Or Perhaps you'd like to simply make use of the Hundreds of ready-to-use msstyles themes (like OS / X Tiger and Panther) That you can download on the Internet? In any case, AutoPlay Media Studio makes it possible - and easy!
Integrated Database Access
It's Never Been Easier to write database applications using AutoPlay Media Studio! Easily connect to a variety of popular local and remote / Internet database systems Including MySQL, SQLite3, ODBC, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Execute any SQL statements you desire like CREATE, INSERT and more - even Easily retrieve data results using a row-by-row cursor system. Features Full Integration with our fill-in-the-blanks style Action Wizard, plus intelligent code completion.
PDF Object
AutoPlay Media Studio now features integrated support for displaying PDF documents right in your application. This highly Requested feature Also Gives You full control over the display and formatting. You can show / hide toolbars, scrollbars and borders. Layout options include "Single Page", "One Column", "Two Columns" and "User Preference". View options include "Fit Page", "Fit Page Width", "Fit Page Height" and "Actual Size".
PDF Actions
Take control of the PDF object with 18 easy-to-use actions. Fully integrated into the fill-in-the-blanks Action Wizard, You'll Be Able to Easily create dynamic applications to Work with PDF files. Actions are provided to Print, Load, Navigate, Zoom, Resize, Hide and much more.
QuickTime Object
Thanks to the new Apple QuickTime object, Your AutoPlay Media Studio applications are now Compatible with over 80 video, audio and image formats. Video formats include. MOV,. DV,. M4V,. MP4 and dozens more - Including the amazing h.264 format. Audio formats include. AAC,. IDA. M4A,. MP3, etc.. Visual formatting options let you lock an aspect ratio, resize the half to fit the object dimensions or center it Within the object area. Border styles include 3D, plain or none.
QuickTime Actions
The Quicktime object by itself is great - but a Quicktime object plus 22 built-in high-level actions is just plain awesome! Brought together, your AutoPlay Media Studio actions have exceptional Control over the QuickTime object. Using simple script commands you can Play, Seek, Set Volume, Load, Mute, View Full Screen, Hide, Show and much more. Your only limit is your imagination.
Object xButton
If you're trying to create an application That blends in beautifully With The operating system, the new xButton object is just what the doctor ordered. However, that's just the beginning! The new xButton object supports far more customization than was possible with previously. Now you can modernize your applications by adding "icon" images to your buttons, plus you can "markup" the text However you desire! This object lets you check the relative placement of button text and button images; choose Between Normal and toggle styles; adjust fonts and colors, and even markup you text using dozens of XAML tags - Including hyperlinks right on your buttons! By default, the styles itself xButton According To whatever operating system it is being run on. If your application is running on Vista, the button looks like a standard Vista button. If you're running it on Windows 7, it looks like Windows 7. However, you can override Easily choose from This and many included styles like Flat, Office 2000, Office XP or many different Office 2007 styles. Or Hundreds of msstyles themes ... The options are endless.
Checkbox List Object
Checkbox lists are a long awaited Addition to AutoPlay Media Studio! We've integrated this feature into the existing Listbox object - you just need to turn it on. Once you do, you can Easily present lists of items with checkboxes Corresponding. Actions are included to get and in September the checkbox state for any listbox item with Ease. You'll find dozens of great uses for this one!
Rolling Code Data Security
AutoPlay Media Studio 8 adds another layer of protection to your applications and scripts. A unique random encryption code is now generated every time you build your project, making "hacking" of your applications much more difficult. As we all know, anyone can break any Determined enough protection system Given enough time and resources, but the use of rolling codes renders generic attacks ineffective. You can now sleep a little easier!
Multiple Timers
You're no longer limited to just one timer event per page! You can now set as many "named" timers as you want. Having multiple timers running really opens up the creative possibilities for animations, games, status updates and dozens of other applications.
Service Actions
Easily control Windows Services using the seven new actions included in AutoPlay Media Studio 8. Everything you need is included, Such as Create, Start, Stop, Pause, Delete, Query and Continue.
Actions FTPWI
AutoPlay Media Studio 8 includes a set of built-in FTP actions, enabling your application to Easily download files from the Internet over FTP servers. These new FTP actions make use of the WinINet API to Ensure Compliance With The RFC 959 File Transfer Protocol specifications. Actions include FTPWI.Download, FTPWI.GetErrorInfo and FTPWI.GetFileSize.
System Restore Actions
This trio of system restore actions are extremely powerful and essential for any application That system might want to make changes or install software in a failsafe manner. By creating a system restore point before making changes using System.SetRestorePoint to the computer, the user can rollback Easily Those changes using the operating system's "restore" feature (found on Windows Vista and Windows 7). Actions include System.IsSystemRestoreAvailable, System.SetRestorePoint and System.RemoveRestorePoint.
Dialog.ComboBox Action
Here's an action that'll find a lot of use! The Dialog.ComboBox action is used to pop up a dialog box presenting the user with a drop-down list of items They Can choose from. You simply pass in a list of items to select from, choose if you'd like them sorted or not and whether or not to restrict the user to just the items in the list, or allow them to type text in Their Own response. It's a fast and compact way to get user input, while offering suggestions to them at the same time!
Balloon Tooltips and Extended Tooltips
In Addition to the standard popup tooltips you're used to from previous versions, AutoPlay Media Studio 8 now lets you display Balloon tooltips! It's an extremely attractive option for presenting context sensitive help Within your application. It's much more useful than Also the old style tooltips, as you can use multiple lines of text to present your instructions. In fact, multi-line tooltips were so useful, we added the feature to Also the standard looking popup as "extended" tooltips.
Modernized Visual Workspace
AutoPlay Media Studio has always looked pretty slick, but That Was not good enough. The entire project workspace has been overhauled. Selection boxes, toolbars, context menus - everything has been redone using a consistent color palette, light source and 3D perspective. You spend a lot of time working on your projects. Should Your tools serve to Increase Your Productivity, Rather than distract you. With AutoPlay Media Studio 8, you'll find everything is more logically arranged and attractively presented - so you can get more done.
Plugin SDK v2
Action Plugins and Object Plugins are one of the best features of AutoPlay Media Studio. They allow 3rd party software developers to extend and expand the product in an extremely integrated and seamless fashion. By simply dropping a plugin into your project, you can Easily save yourself hours of work and add significant functionality to your application. The great news Is that with AutoPlay Media Studio 8, plugin developers can now fully leverage the advantages of the Lua 5.1 language. The Plugin SDK v2 is available for free download on the website.
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Computer forensics software and file recovery Files Hex Editor & Disk
WinHex is a hexadecimal editor that completely lets you see data that you conceal other programs or can not see.
It has a disk editor and directory browser for FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, editor of RAM, a way to edit the virtual memory of other processes, Data interpreter, knowing 20 different types of data, editing data structures using templates ...
Lets also concatenate, split, join, analyze and compare files, search and replace functions especially flexible scheduling, 128-bit encryption, checksums, CRC32, digests (MD5, SHA-1, ...), irreversible deletion of sensitive data / private , conversion formats (Binary, Hex ASCII, Intel Hex and Motorola S), supports ANSI character set ASCII, IBM ASCII, EBCDIC.
Undoubtedly, any data you want to see it resisitirĂ¡.
Editor FAT12/16/32 disc, exFAT, NTFS, ext2/3/4, Next3 ®, CDFS, UDF
Built-in interpretation of RAID systems and dynamic disks
Various data recovery techniques
Editor of RAM, a way to edit RAM and virtual memory of other processes
Data Interpreter, knowing 20 data types other than
Editing data structures using templates
Concatenate, split, join, analyze and compare files
Search and replace functions particularly flexible
Disk cloning, with a specialist license also on DOS
Images and disk backups (optionally compressed or split into 650 MB archives)
Programming Interface (API) and scripting
256-bit AES encryption, checksums, CRC32, digests (MD5, SHA-1, ...)
Irreversible erasure of confidential data / private
Import all clipboard formats
Conversion Formats: Binary, Hex ASCII, Intel Hex and Motorola S
Instantaneous jump between windows
Comprehensive documentation.
And more
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