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XYplorer v11.60.0000(Free Full)

XYplorer v11.60.0000
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File Manager that analyzes in detail each
XYplorer provides you a new way to browse the contents of your hard drive , while providing you with detailed information on each selected item (directory , file).
XYplorer is easy to use thanks to its interface , similar to standard Windows Explorer , but provides much more information than the latter at a glance .
XYplorer interface is divided into several sections: upper two windows showing the directory structure and contents of the selected folder respectively, and third bottom section is reserved for an extensive analysis of the selected file .
With XYplorer can view data such as size, attributes , and in some cases a preview of it. The program also includes a search utility and a tool to generate lists of files.

Thumbnails of image files can be displayed in the details view , introducing the unique functionality "Mouse Down Blow Up " that allows you to display an image in its original size just by clicking the mouse over the thumbnail
Preview of *. NEF , * . DNG , and *. TGA ( Targa )
Instant preview source files installed and uninstalled TrueType and Typ -1 ( displaying detailed font information )
Instant Preview of Office files ( except in Vista/Win7 ) , and of HTML, MHT , PHP ( including configurable server mappings ) with printing option
Instant display of complete file information / version for each selected file
Supports icon overlays (for example used by TortoiseSVN, a Subversion client , implemented as a Windows shell extension )
Tips and MP3 file : file extensive information (depending on file type and individual file up to 35 fields ) appears when you move the mouse over a file icon
Special MP3 service : instant viewing and editing ID3v1.1 tag , plus automatic filename to ID3v1.1 tag routine
Sort files ... you are in total control. Choose easily what is ordered , how and in what direction.
You select a filter column. This means you can not only eg select GIF entering " * . Gif" , but "modified : * 2007 * " selects all items Modified in the year 2007 and " type : Vis * " selects all items of a type starting with " Vis " .
RAW Instant View (ASCII and HEX) for all files , including text extraction from binaries ( the fastest on the market for years )
Generates various sorts of file system reports ( to clipboard , file, and printer) .
Export extended file information of whole directories (or even directory trees ) to CSV -formatted files .
Autosize Columns : Optionally, the column widths of the list of files automatically adjust to their current contents.
Immediately Font size : Hold down Ctrl and scrolling the wheel on your mouse to quickly change the font size of the application to see more information in the same space or go for more detail to relax your eyes . Check a video.
Windows Shell Integration excellent : file associations , context menus, drag and drop, copy, cut, paste files via the clipboard , environment variables
Highly customizable display formats for information date and file size.
Supports display directory size . Many missing in Explorer , here they are: the total size of each folder including all its contents can be viewed directly in the file list .
Optionally , for each file and folder, it immediately shows actual disk space used .
Start from where you stopped: Remembers last folder , sort , scroll position , column widths, and selected files per tab and between sessions.
History Explorer type of functionality. There's a global history and an individual history of each tab.
Can define favorite folders and files.
Extended Context Menu : A large set of useful commands in the standard file context menu , including Copy To , Move To , Copy filename with path , Copy File Properties , Copy Large Icons / small multi- rename files ( optionally using regular expressions ) .
Removing icon, sealing time and sealing multiple attribute files
Full support for drag and drop and wheel mouse.
Made to handle heavy work
Small, fast and suitable for RAM
Supported Operating Systems : Windows 7, 2008, Vista , XP , 2003, 2000 , NT , Me, 98 . Both 32 -bit and 64- bit versions , where applicable , are supported.
XYplorer 11.60 has been released on 10 - Sep- 2012
Duplicate File Finder
Tree Path Tracing
PSD Previews
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